What we do?

Business Delegation

Our team of experts manage and execute well versed business delegation of companies for effective participation in trade fairs, exhibitions & business meets etc. and help them indulge in business talks with their counterparts at highly qualitative and cost effective manner with maximum comfort level such that they can rest their headache of managing & marketing their participation with us to focus on their business transactions.

We provide end to end business services for their effective participation in such initiatives from identifying potential markets & most favorable business avenues to travel & effective meetings, to brand promotion & marketing. Thus WegVoraus stand as a one point service provider for your business & market promotion requirements delivering end to end services.

Action Research

We have been polished by our experience with global clients including multilateral agencies and MNCs and government machineries with the understanding that identifying the key reason for any issue and prospects for any industry through research and analysis is itself is the key to resolve the issue and tap the prospect potential with most viable initiatives.

We endeavor to provide our clients & partners the best of research service to identify prospects as well obstacles in their business related to entire value chain of the industry and suggest initiatives to convert all adversities to opportunities and measures to tap the potential opportunities effectively.

Linkage Creation

Links and connects are the most inevitable requirement as well a component of any industry or sectors value chain that determine its strength and viability of survival. This starts from the supply of initial products & services to value addition process and continues till marketing and delivery of end products to end buyer which are called linkages. It is observed that in most of the developing and underdeveloped economies such linkages are weak and needs to be strengthened by holistic approach in order to ensure the survival and growth of the industry & its clusters.

Here at WegVoraus we intend to build/create linkages by understanding the backlogs of linkages of the industry particularly concentrated in clusters, either backward sourcing or forward marketing, and then facilitating them with solutions such that self-sustaining linkages are created and nourished to grow at their own.

Capacity Building

Capacity building by WegVoraus primarily implies and focus on strengthening & developing the industry and their clusters by imparting knowledge, skill and technology such that they get ready to sustain, adapt and be competitive in the dynamic global business scenario by which it also contributes to employment and output generation of the economy without hampering other industries and sectors.

In order to accomplish this vision, WegVoraus team is committed to work at grass root level with the striving industry at mass level concentrations and clusters in developing and under developed economies in association with our partners and valuable stakeholders by suggesting and implementing industry building activities & projects.

Cluster Initiatives

An industry cluster in very simple terms is the geographical concentration of similar set of firms/ enterprises/ factories/ business establishments which have similar requirements and more or less common practices with interlinked activities too. Majority of such industry concentrations or clusters in the developing or underdeveloped economies comprise of MSMEs which needs to be targeted and supported through government and PPP modules to build their capacity and make them self-sustained.

Here we identify and study the industry clusters to understand what are their prospects and challenges and its reasons to identify which sort of intervention can help the cluster overcome that challenge and tap the prospects that apart what strategy needs to be used to implement it to ensure its long term viability. Moreover we also enable our clients to reach out to the clusters providing their services by which the cluster functioning is innovated and profitability and productivity of the cluster is enhanced.

Infrastructure Development

The growth of any economy or industry very much depends on the quality of infrastructure in place and how it is maintained by its stakeholders. These can be observed as the difference between the developed economies on one side and developing/ under developed economies on the other side. Infrastructure development does not happen its own without an initiative of a knowledgeable institution which can educate its stakeholders its benefits and requirements and catalyze the process for its earliest accomplishment.

Understanding of this inevitability of infrastructure as a base for all developments, WegVoraus endeavor to initiate, trigger, mentor and accomplish infra development initiatives for cluster based and local economic developments taking on board all related stakeholders in association with our prospect partners in the industry.


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